Hiking & camping on the island of..


The Island of Cebu is mostly mountainous regions except for along the ocean front where you find more flatland areas.  These pictures are of some I took to show the beautiful mountains that surround Cebu City. Some of the locations these were taken from include....Talamban, Camp 6, Campinsa, Tabunok, Babag Uno, Camp 3, Lobas and Toledo city.  Hiking in Cebu was definitely a great lifetime experience and a wonderful time. I met a lot of wonderful people and made many friends.



Below are some pictures of daily life in the mountains.  In pictures 1-4 we had to walk down near the river where the was a fresh water spring.  We could bathe there and then had to carry drinking water back up the mountain.  Very tiresome.  Also washing clothes was done many times in a communal area where the ladies would wash and gossip each day.  Some times there was only one pipe with fresh water.. so u would get drinking water.. wash clothes and bath all at the same time as in the 7th picture below.  The men in the 8th picture would collect wood, cut it and dry it then sell it in bundles down in the city area.



Going to school is not so easy in the mountains.. as u can see below.. I walked 45 minutes down the mountain with the children and visited there elementary school. (pixs 1-3)  The kids in pix 4 r to poor and the school is to far away for them to walk. The bottom row is more daily life around the mountains.  The woman and her daughter # 7 are weaving baskets that will hold roosters and the old man # 8 has  a home made guitar like instrument that he actually played.  His feet are curved from many years of climbing the coconut trees for harvest.



One of the families I met invited me to stay with them, so I helped cook a rotisserie chicken then about a month later I bought a goat for my b-day party... ( 3 guys & goat on a motorcycle)  The guy in #5 is collecting wood to sell as firewood in the city and #6 this lady had collected loombang, a nut, and she has a homemade drill to make them into necklaces to sell in the market.  The caribao or waterbuffalo is the Philippines national animal and #8 is a rooster housing project hehe. These are houses made for fighting roosters for cock fighting.



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