Favorite Karaoke songs 

From the Philippines

From your very first visit to the Philippine Islands... You will know that Karaoke is not only a pastime but part of the Filipino culture.  Here are a few of my favorite songs I like to sing or hear during a typical Filipino party.


Beautiful Girl

This is sung by Jose Mari Chan with Regine Velasquez.  This song is an all time classic and is the heart of most Filipinos.


This song is by Freddie Aguilar.  It is one of mine favorites and is also is a Filipino classic among most all Filipinos.


'Please be Careful with My Heart'

This is another Filipino classic love song and is sung by Jose Mari Chan in a duet  with Regine Velasquez.  

'Close to You'

This Carpenters song turned out to be a Filipino classic over the years.  Where ever the party is.. some one will sing it.


'Bikini Itim'

This is another Filipino karaoke song that I have learned to sing.  It is sung best after I've had a few shots of Tanduay... hehehe. 

'My Heart Will Go On'

I know this is not a Filipino song but, it is another American classic song that has touched the hearts of many Filipinos.



This is another Filipino karaoke song that I have learned to sing.  I don't know very many but hey I am doing my best. 


'Basang-Basa sa Ulan'

'Here I am alone waiting for you in the rain' is the basic meaning of the song.  I have always liked this Filipino song.



Kailangan Koy Ikaw

A wonderful song sung by the Beautiful Regine Velasquez.


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