The Lake Michigan  7 

By the grace of God.... we go on.

The Lake Michigan 7
Jim, Gail, Brian, Cindy, Gary, Tom
and of Course... Capt. Jason Lee

Waukegan, Illinois, Lake Michigan, May 30th, 2008 

On this day six people embarked on a fishing trip aboard the Finseeker, a 39 foot sportcraft.  With Capt. Jason at the helm, overcast skies and waves one to two feet... it looked to be another great day to fish.  Thirty minutes into the trip they hooked into an eight pound king salmon.  An hour later the weather changed dramatically and so did there lives.  Within the next hour the winds picked up and blew from 60-80 mph and the waves rose from 2 feet to 10-12-15 foot high.  As best as he could to keep the boat underway, a rogue wave crashed on the boat and blew out the windows and preceded to flood the boat.  
     We are all thankful to be alive, and we give a great thank you to the men that day of the U.S. Coast Guard.


   The 39' Finseeker


 These men, dwellers upon the lonely shores, at
 the most imminent risk, crossed the most
 tumultuous waters of lake Michigan,
 and all for what ? 
         So that others may live...




 Traverse city is normally
 where the Coast Guard is
 normally based... Thank God
 the guard had been stationed
 at Waukegan airport the
day of our boating incident. 

This is the type of helicopter
that showed up on that
dreadful Friday in May to 
pluck us from the frigid waters
of Lake Michigan.

This is not the helicopter that
showed up but, this is a visual
aid on how 5 of us were picked 
up by the U.S.C.G. swimmer
that braved the cold waters
of Lake Michigan to save us.

This is the official patch for
the Coast Guard men that are
stationed at the Traverse city
Coast Guard station.

This is the style of the 
41 foot cutter that showed
up in time to pick me and one
other and the C.G. diver out
of the water and brought us
safely back to Waukegan.

Sometime during the rescue 
the 41 footer showed up and 
one of the rescuers threw in
line and buoy as we got
closer to the boat.

These are the true heroes
of May 30th 2008. I was
able to stop in the Waukegan
airport on Saturday and thank
them for job well done !

Being able to visit the airmen
who rescued us was awesome.
They may look relaxed but in
20 minutes they can be packed
loaded and airborne...

To my right is the Coast
Guardsman that jumped into
48 degree water that day
to assist in our rescue,we all
say thank you once again.

Jokingly I was a little upset
that they pulled me over the
side of the 41' cutter.. I 
would have liked the basket 
ride..hehehe.. so instead they
let me sit inside the chopter
for my photo opt.. thanks guys

Here is a picture of Myself
Gail and Brian.  We decided
to meet up for a dinner
together with our friends at
Louies Pizza in Waukegan.

This is a little explanation from the weather service as to the
weird and rare weather pattern we encountered that day.

Here are the last pictures of the
the last fish caught aboard the
Finseeker with the last customers
It was about an 8 pound King
Salmon.  Thank you all.

Right Click on Signs above then click save target as to download to your computer to see short video from the dive down to the Fin Seeker.

AS most of you know, I was living on my boat during the summer months, and would return back to the Philippines in October. My wife is a special ed school teacher there and I would continue with my missionary work.  In one tragic event I lost my job and home at the same time.  We sincerely from our hearts want to thank all those persons that helped me afterwards... whether with a monetary donation or clothes or food... With all of your heartfelt support it has inspired me to continue on in my life helping others.

A sincere thanks goes out to the following...

Pastor Dave Adams Pastor Roger Scott
Gordon and Aiza Blanchard Rodney Musgrove(dad)
Rachael Lee (mom) Jocelyn Lee (wife)
Mario Peralta Cindy Vasik
Brian Lavalliere Gail Burke
Jim Emma Gary Grandgeorge
Tom Brown Craig Marfia
Richard Ach Jerry & Debbie Nied
Phil & Gayle Vogan David Carey
Mike Dolinar Lou Champa
William & Fama Wielbik Robert & Lorisue Liszek
Mrs. & Mrs. Bob Jenkins Chad Cox
John Garcia Tara Malone
Bob Newland Wayne Kuna
Jamie Sotonoff Jim Bobendrier
Ken & Christie Carn Dave & Tina Kalbfleisch
Bob &Tami Judd Mike Picello
Pete Baldino Susan Petty
Jimmy Stemp Matthew Raimondi
Robert Meyn Chris Vezeau
Greg & Jackie Mclain John & Marylou Mclain
Vicki & Mike Todd & Laura Phillips
Joe & Leslie Krakora Melissa & Gerade Hutson
Fred Clarkson Jennifer Woods
Bryan and Shelly Adcock Nancy & Ralph Waites
Matt McGuire Gregg Marshall
Kathy Le Beau Joe Daneman


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