"Taekwondo" is a way, a way of life



Ko Sung Mok

Tae Kwon Do
 Dedication Award

Traditional Belt

Sparring Stance

Demonstrations for the
Police's D.A.R.E. program

Yoon Soo Kim

Kuk Hyun Chung



Kuk Hyun Chung, considered by many to be the greatest taekwondo competitor ever, won the Gold Medal in Taekwondo in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games. He is listed in the Guiness Book of Sports Records as winning the most World Championship titles (1987, 1985, 1983, 1982) by a single person and is undefeated in International Competition. He also won the Athlete's Award in 1984 and 1983 for outstanding performance in competition. He is a graduate of the Korean National College of Physical Education. His latest achievement is the leading role in the 1994 action movie Taekwon Fighter.

Students at Yon In University

Kukkiwon Facilities
World TKD Headquarters

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http://www.cbtausa.com/Forms.htm       Good drawings and layout of Taegeuk forms





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