Hog Roasted !!

If you are planning a backyard cookout or a special occasion for your family and friends, you can drive to Chicago, St. Louis or Peoria and buy a cooked pig .... Or you can call me and we can talk over the possibilities of having me to bring my trailer with my Hog Roaster on it to your house or party location and cook it fresh.  It is a great conversation piece and everyone will love taking pictures with the pig and nothing tastes better than fresh pork and pork skin right off the spit.

Here are some estimates for cooking a pig

A 50 pound pig feeds up to 75 persons and will cost $285 to cook

A 75 pound pig feeds up to 100 persons and will cost $300 to cook

A 100 pound pig feeds up to 125 persons and will cost $375 to cook

Delivered:  My roaster is on a trailer and if you would like me to cook it fresh at your house or party then I would have to add on traveling expense for gas for my travel to:

Decatur/Mt Zion/Forsyth:
Free no gas charge
Springfield/Chatham area:
+20 gas charge
Bloomington/Normal area:
+30 gas charge
Champaign / Urbana area: 
+40 gas charge
Peoria / Pekin area:
Call me ( possible no gas charge )

If you are interested or if you just want to order and pick it up your self... call me or email me for more information.

                 Jason Lee   

email:  leefamily@jason-lee.us       phone 217-853-2569

  Call me about a special deal if I cook a roasted pig for your next
                   party and you also hire me as your DJ

              Below are a few pictures of my past cookouts

** If you want to try something different, deliscious and cheaper... see the pictures below... I can also cook
12 rotisserie style chickens for you event at a cost of around $100 + the gas charge.    **      

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