Jason & Joy

100th Find - October 11th 2012
Finally made it to 100!!  I wanted 100 to be special, and I looked around the area
and I saw that this cache had not been found for over 1 1/2 years... and this year
alone there were already 6 DNF's.   Unfortunetly, because of my work schedule,
I am never able to just run out when a cache is published so out of the first 100 I
have zero ftf.  But, since this one was maintenenced it has never been found, so at
least my 100th cache is sort of a first to find hehe.  Anyways, it was rated as a 1 star
but when i found it, it was a 5 star because it was buried under 6 inches of leaves hehe..
I had gotten a stick and was poking around in the brush and out it slid...Yeah ! #100.




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