Jason & Joy

2nd Failure Logged - August 1, 2012
Picnic Anyone?
coodinates are N 39 49.951   W 088 55.394

          Difficulty Rating:
             Terrain Rating:
                                Size: micro
    Log Counts:  100 Found it   21 didn't find it


This cache is located in a public park called Nelson Park.  We looked three times and could not find it... A cacher friend of mine dsarv11 gave me a hint as to it's location for my third time but I still could not find it.

There has been a little confusiion at times in the past because I am currently using my verizon droid cellphone as a GPS... I think our success in the future a handheld GPS device is going to have to be a must.

As a side note.... we did find 4 other caches today and one was a very small micro.. so we are still motivated to continue on hehe.



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