Being a DJ has always been a hobby of mine since I was in high school.   In my senior year I had two turn tables & 3 milk crates full of albums in my bedroom and I drilled a hole through the wall to run speaker wire to the living room where we had asian parties on the weekends. It was me, (American), Vanny (Cambodian) & Jimmy (Vietnamese) three high school friends renting a basement apartment out on the corner of Glenwood & Argyle back in 1988.

I started to DJ for Filipino house parties, garage parties and whatever else came along.  Over the next 20 years, I would help out with my music and lights for friends and family and different parties around the area.

I moved to Decatur, Illinois in 2008 and after meeting other Fil-Am groups around Central Illinois, I decided in 2010 to start to offer my DJ services for larger venues at an affordable price.  Since then, I have played at many Fil-Am events from St. Louis, to Springfield, Peoria, Decatur, Bloomington and even the Quad Cities. 

Where I first started to DJ for Filipino parties, now a days, I DJ for any one who is in need of a quality DJ service for an affordable price.  I have done weddings, graduation parties, dance parties, block parties...if you have an event, please call me and see if I am available.

As a rule of thumb... these are the prices I generally charge....

$150 + gas & food for a House / Birthday Party  ( less than 100 persons )

$300 + gas & food for a Hotel / Restaurant Party ( less  than 200 persons )

$400 + gas & food for a Hotel / Restaurnat Party ( more than 200 persons)

       Below are the rates I would charge for gas, above my DJ cost.

            Decatur/Mt Zion/Forsyth: +10 gas charge
            Springfield/Chatham area:
+20 gas charge
            Bloomington/Normal area:
+30 gas charge
           Champaign / Urbana area: 
+40 gas charge
           Peoria / Pekin area:
+40 gas charge


     Call me about a special deal if you book a DJ Party and have me cook
                             a fresh roasted pig for your next party !!
                                          Jason Lee- 217-853-2569

Click on the pictures below


 DJ Equipment & Lights

2- HP Laptops ( over 15,000 songs -100 gb- on my song lists
1-Gemini CDM 3600 cd player/mixer
1- Peavey XR 8600 1200 watt powered amplifier
1- Wired microphone ( Peavey )
1- Wireless Microphone ( Shure PG58 )

Iview 2000K II Professional Karaoke Player
4705 Tagalog / Filipino Songs
11713 English / American Songs

American DJ Hazer Machine

A hazer gives off a slight haze in the air and you can see the
laser beams and disco lights better.  This machine is normally
approved by hotels, and does not set off the smoke alarms
like the smoke machines have been known to do in the past.
Misc. DJ Style Lights (14 in all)

2-American DJ Tri Gem LED Colored Light Beams
2- American DJ Tri LED Vertigo Colored Disco Light Ball
2- American DJ Starball LED (slow dance mirror ball effect )
2-American DJ Eliminator Mini Strobes ( 1 behind each flag )
4- American DJ high powered LED Strobes ( for dance floor )
1- American DJ Micro Galaxian Laser (red & green lights for dancing)
1- American  DJ  Micro Galaxian Laser  (red & blue lights for dancing)

Misc. Videos